Transportation For Kids

JumpRydz Is Your Go To Transportation For Kids Option In NYC


Family Friendly Rideshare in NYC

Getting around in NYC for families with children can be challenging, especially when a child safety seat/car seat is needed to keep children safe. Here are 3 reasons why JumpRydz is the best option for kids' transportation.


REASON #1 - Unaccompanied Minor Rides

Getting your kids to school, after-school activities, daycare, summer camp, and more is time-consuming. While parents are busy, JumpRydz can assist with multi-tasking by taking kids to where they need to go.


REASON #2 - Car seats for All Minors

Most other rideshare companies will only provide car seats for children in the booster seat age bracket. JumpRydz provides car seats for all minors from newborns to elementary-age children.

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Reason #3 - Pre-Scheduled Rides

Set it and forget it! We live in a world of presets to save time and streamline processes. JumpRydz allows parents to pre-schedule rides so less time is spent booking and more time is spent riding!

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