COVID-19 Code of Conduct


Last updated 7/27/21

Policy brief & purpose

Our COVID-19 Code of Conduct policy outlines our expectations regarding users as riders and users as DTMs/transportation providers behavior regarding the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak. We promote freedom of expression and open communication, however, we expect all users to follow our code of conduct for the safety of everyone. Staying in-line with our Love Everyone Policy, all users should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes, and disrupting the peaceful environment during a ride. We also expect all users to foster a well-organized, respectful, and collaborative environment.


This policy applies to all users of the platform.

Policy elements

For the protection of everyone, we expect all users to follow strict CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for COVID safety. JumpRydz expects all users to do the following:

  1. Wearing face masks are recommended even if vaccinated.
  2. Drivers must keep their vehicles & child safety seats clean, sanitized and neat at all times.
  3. We recommend all users have hand sanitizer on their person.
  4. Keep distance between riders when able to.
  5. Pay attention to your own health, and utilize this recommended self-assessing COVID-19 Health Screening to determine whether or not you or the child should participate in the ride.

By using the platform you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to follow all expectations to keep all users safe. If you as a user see your rider, or driver likewise not following these guidelines, JumpRydz expects you to report this information in-app, in the comments section after your ride completion. You also agree and acknowledge that failure to follow these expectations may result in your removal from the platform.