Summer Camp NYC

JumpRydz will take your kids to Summer Camp when you can't


Family Friendly Rideshare in NYC

Getting children back and forth to summer camp can be a challenge for parents/guardians. JumpRydz offers the perfect solution to help busy families.

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Safe Unaccompanied Minor Rides

Book your favorite driver, communicate with them directly and feel secure that your little ones will be transported responsibly by a vetted, experienced and NYC TLC licensed driver.

Grandparents can ride with JumpRydz

Family Carpools

Let grandma or grandpa JumpRydz with your little ones to run errands, pick them up from daycare, and more!

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Follow Along

Follow your child's ride in real-time and be relieved that while you are not physically with your children, our technology allows you to be present during a ride.

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