School Transportation for Families


The Ultimate Family Carpool

Need to get your kids to school while you get to work? JumpRydz provides safe family carpool transportation for families in NYC! Download the app and book a multi-stop family carpool today!

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NYC Drivers

JumpRydz drivers are well-versed in the NYC streets and provide quality transportation. JumpRydz drivers are fully vetted and experienced in child care. Create a team of your favorite JumpRydz drivers for your family. Download the app and book today!

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Get to work without the Surge

Why pay surge pricing? Drivers are available when you pay them well from the start. JumpRydz has a higher level of requirements for drivers than most rideshare platforms, therefore a host of quality, safe drivers are at your fingertips in the JumpRydz app. Download and book today!

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Make Them Your Favorite

Prefer to have the same drivers pick up your little one[s]? Add drivers to your favorite list and they will receive your ride requests first, every time you book.

Download and Book!