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Providing A Gentle Ride

Updated 4/1/22

JumpRydz believes Senior Citizens are to be respected and given rides with extended care. Every DTM [Drive Team Member] will provide transportation that caters to the passengers' needs whether it be assistance with a walker, a fold-up wheelchair, or groceries.

JumpRydz provides seniors with rides to and from appointments or even to run errands. Our multi-stop ride option offers a seamless experience with your favorite driver. You can request the same driver again or build your personal team of favorite drivers.

[be advised wait time may be added according to our Fare Schedule]

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What if I have a wheelchair or walker?

  • Wheelchairs and walkers can be accommodated without a WAV [wheelchair accessible vehicles], however, they must be portable, collapsible, and no more than 40lbs as the driver will fit this in the trunk of their vehicle. The passenger must be able to get out of the wheelchair, and into the vehicle with little to no help, as the drivers are not authorized to lift up passengers. Be advised there is an additional charge for this according to our Fare Schedule.

What if my wheelchair is over 40lbs, and/or not collapsible?

  • At this point, you would need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle [WAV], in which you would need to request through our customer support team in your JumpRydz app.

Can my insurance pay for my ride?

  • Yes! Have your medical provider request us for free medical transportation. Visit our NEMT Page Here

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