Frequently Asked Questions



  1. How are you making the rides COVID safe?

    1. The perfect question deserves a perfect answer. Please view our COVID-SAFE Rides

  2. How do you choose your drivers?

    1. Choosing safe, reliable and trustworthy drivers for your precious cargo is what we spend most of our time doing. Check out our Driver Requirements

    2. The background screening & fingerprinting includes [County Criminal Search (Last 7 Years), Motor Vehicle Report, National Criminal Search(Standard), Sex Offender Search, SSN Trace, Global Watchlist Search]
  3. Can I meet my driver before the ride?

    1. This question is very popular for a very good reason! YES! Once your ride request is booked contact your driver through your JumpRydz app and make arrangements. Please be mindful this is not a requirement for the driver, therefore we strongly suggest video call meet & greets.

  4. Can I send someone to ride with my child?

    1. ABSOLUTELY! So long as you meet the max amount of riders

  5. What if my child needs a safety seat?

    1. You have 2 choices:

      1. Driver provided seat: when you request your ride, specify in the notes that you would like the driver to provide a safety seat [convertible front or rear facing, booster] and your child’s age.

      2. You can provide your own child safety seat at the pickup location. However please be advised of the following:

      • the driver will drop off your child safety seat at your child’s drop off location

      • You may incur wait time charges for the driver to install and uninstall your safety seat

  6. Will the driver walk into the facility to pick up my child?

    1. Certainly! Please be advised of the following:

      • You must detail all pickup/drop off instructions when requesting the ride

      • You may incur wait time charges as outlined in our Fare Schedule

      • To avoid wait time charges we recommend arranging for your child to meet the driver at one of the facility entrances

  7. What if I have a newborn?

    1. JumpRydz drivers will provide a proper fitting child safety seat. An adult attendant is required on all newborn rides, and they will take care of the newborn.


  1. How does "IT" work? Great question! We've got a great answer! Our "How To" process can be found HERE
  1. Can I pre-schedule my child's rides? JumpRydz offers parents the SET-AND-GO experience, where you can pre-schedule up to 5 rides 30 days in advance. Visit our Pre-scheduled Rides page for more information.
  2. What if I need a multi-stop pickup? JumpRydz has you covered! Families with multiple kids at multiple locations can definitely be accommodated. However, please be mindful of the max amount of passengers per vehicle.
  3. If I'm running late can I schedule an on-demand ride? YEP! Just keep in mind rides are not considered “booked” until an available driver confirms your ride request
  4. Can I request a certain driver? This process happens automatically. Any driver you give a 5 Star rating to is automatically added to your “Favorite Drivers” in your JumpRydz app. Once you request a ride, it is sent out to your Favorite Drivers 1st. If they are not available the request will be dispatched to other available drivers.
  5. Can I tip the driver? You certainly can, you will be prompted in the JumpRydz app after each ride is completed.
  6. What if I need to cancel? You can cancel your ride, however you may incur a cancellation fee according to our Fare Schedule
  7. How much is it? The best way to get an estimate is to download our JumpRydz app. You can also view our Fare Schedule.
  8. Do you offer promotions? Promos are automatically added to the JumpRydz app. So long as your ride meets the parameters it will be applied. Special Coupons will be announced in our email blast. Be sure to sign up for our Be In The Know.
  9. What if I have to change the details of my ride? If your ride is pre-scheduled, cancel it and request a new ride accordingly. If your ride is active, contact the driver from the JumpRydz app.
  10. What if there is an emergency? To reach the local authorities, please click on the SOS button in your JumpRydz app.
  11. What if there is an accident or incident? If in the event of an auto accident, our Drivers are instructed on how to report this through our support team. In the event of an incident, contact our support team in your JumpRydz app and they will be happy to create an incident report and advise on your next steps.


  1. Can I bring a wheelchair or a walker?

    1. Absolutely! However wheelchairs and walkers must be portable, collapsible and no more than 40lbs as the driver will fit this in the trunk of their vehicle. Be advised there is an additional charge for this.

  2. Can the driver assist my grandmother with her errands?

    1. ASSISTANCE IS HERE! Drivers can wait at doctors appointments, help with groceries etc. Waiting fares will apply.


  1. What are the benefits of working with JumpRydz?

    1. You can make steadier rideshare income with pre-scheduled rides and by being requested for recurring rides by becoming a favorite driver

    2. Transporting minors requires extra effort, and skills, therefore we charge 20-30% more than other rideshare's which pays you more

    3. We offer various bonuses

    4. Our busy times complement working with other rideshares, for example, you can do morning school drop-offs with us, then switch to your other rideshares for mid-morning, then do afternoon school pickups or mid-day pre-school transfers. Whatever works for you

  2. How do I become a favorite driver?

    1. Once you’ve successfully completed a ride, the customer will rate you according to your performance and be asked if they want to add you as a favorite driver. When the customer re-books they can choose to send their ride request to the favorite drivers first.

  3. Is this work seasonal? Or is it busy only during school time?

    1. JumpRydz is busy year-round for school, summer camp, carpools to the airport or hospital, etc.

  4. Around how much can I expect to get paid?

    1. Depending on how much you work, you can make an average of $40+ per hour in NYC.

  5. Do I have to provide child safety seats?

    1. No, you are not required to provide child safety seats. There are ryders that are older and do not require a child safety seat, therefore you can still make money, however keep in mind, drivers that do provide child safety seats tend to make more money.

    2. What if I don’t have experience with them?

      1. Step 4 of our onboarding process provides child safety seat training.

  6. Can I still work with my other rideshare companies while I work with you?

    1. Yes, you can continue to cross dispatch while working with JumpRydz. Cross-dispatching means you are affiliated with one TLC base, but you are able to continue to work with multiple bases under your license with no problems.

  7. How do I get paid?

    1. Your pay is controlled on your driver application with your Stripe account. You can choose how often you send deposits to your bank account.

  8. Where does Jumprydz operate?

    1. Currently we operate within the 5 boroughs, and as you know with your TLC License you can drop off in New Jersey and Long Island, but no pickups in those areas.

  9. What happens if I get in an auto accident?

If in the event you get into an auto accident please follow these guidelines:

  1. If you are able to, pull over to a safe location out of the way of traffic.
  2. Check your rider and confirm they are not injured.
  3. If necessary, dial 911 or push the HELP button in your app if you are still in the active ride. Be sure to get a police report.
  4. Call the support team in your app and they will contact the customer for you and create an internal accident report. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THAT REPORT
  5. Take pictures of the accident area and all vehicles involved.

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