How Important Kids Rideshare is and the power of Pre-scheduled Rides

In New York, JumpRydz is a ridesharing company dedicated to ensuring your and your family's safety and convenience throughout the journey. The power of pre-scheduled rides has been transformative for many New Yorkers, and we want you to know the benefits of this safe, affordable, and reliable service. The advantages of pre-scheduling rides include avoiding bus-time bullying or concerns, as well as providing dependable transportation for any extracurriculars that may overlap with your job schedule. The simplicity of pre-scheduling rides lets you be there for your child when they need it most. With the aid of ourJumpRydz app, you may easily arrange rides and follow along using the live tracking feature.


Avoid bus-time bullying

Children deserve to experience safe transportation. Parents may feel they are helping their kids by putting them on buses, but some parents have found that the bus environment can cause fear, anxiety, and safety concerns. JumpRydz Rideshare program is great for families who want a better option of transportation without the downsides of public transport or expensive private carsharing.


Never miss an extracurricular activity

Balancing the schedules of a family is no easy task, and the cost of childcare can add up quickly. Sometimes, parents may have to choose between an hour at a local rec center, after-school intramurals, and work; however, why should they? JumpRydz Pre-scheduled Rideshare makes it easy for families to satisfy all commitments while staying on top of their busy schedules by arranging rides well in advance. You no longer have to sacrifice your child's activities due to a conflicting schedule.


Pre-schedule your ride for convenience

We all know New York traffic can become a nightmare, and getting stuck in it for any amount of time is never fun. JumpRydz Rideshare program makes commuting easy with pre-scheduled rides to school every day so you don’t have to worry about New York Traffic or subway delays.

Your "Favorite Drivers" in your JumpRydz app is automatically populated with every 5-star driver you rate. Your Favorite Drivers are sent your request for a ride first. If they are offline, the request will be sent out to other available drivers.


Pre-schedule your ride for safety and reliability

Our priority is to always put you and your family first. Your child is a valuable cargo, and we will "JumpRyd" them wherever they need to go with the utmost care. New York Rideshare should always be reliable, and with our New York pre-scheduled rideshare program, you can rest easy knowing your kids are in good hands.

Our team is made up of skilled professionals, instructors, nannies, babysitters, and daycare providers who are like you! Members of our Drive Team must fulfill the following standards:

  • 25+ years of age

  • 2+ experience years working with minors

  • Have a valid Taxi & Limousine Commissions registration for their service area

  • Undergo an initial and recurring background screening

Our team places a high value on hiring safe, dependable, and trustworthy drivers.

New York children and the elderly deserve a safe way of getting around, and we want you to know the advantages of our pre-scheduled rideshare program. The power of Pre-Scheduled Rides is in the convenience, safety, and reliability. Contact us today to learn more.

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