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Established in 2011, JumpRydz was formed with one mission in mind - to put you and your family first. There are many rideshare services available like Uber and Lyft. However, none of them have a commitment to family-friendliness like us. Whether you need community rideshare for your little kids or elderly seniors, you can count on JumpRydz. Here’s why!

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Our Mission

What started with one empowered woman’s dream has now become the community rideshare program known as JumpRydz. Currently operating in New York, Queens, and Brooklyn, JumpRydz hopes to become the standard go-to of every family whenever they need transport for their children or elderly parents.

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Child-Safe Rides For You

If you’re looking for a child-safe ride to shuttle your kids to and back from school, JumpRydz is the way to go. You can pre schedule rides ahead of time to ensure you’re never late. Additionally, you can contact your driver beforehand, and use the live tracking feature to see how the ride is progressing. Moreover, our caring drivers will provide your child a safety seat, if need be.

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Become a Driver

You can become a part of our wholesome community rideshare program as well. Driving with JumpRydz has several perks, some of which include competitive payouts and steady income. You can make $40+ per hour easily, and reap the benefits of a steadier income by taking pre scheduled rides. Drivers can also go the extra mile to become the favorite driver in their community by earning positive reviews. Help families and start earning today!

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Many Convenient Features

In addition to family-safe rides and the option to become a driver, JumpRydz also has a super convenient JumpRydz app. It has many useful features, such as the SET-N-GO option that allows you to pre schedule rides for your child ahead of time. Additionally, you can go for a family ride with multiple stops using the Family Pool feature. Lastly, the Family XL option lets you ride with your entire family!

There are many community rideshare programs out there. However, most of them don’t provide child-safe and family-friendly rides like JumpRydz. We can make your life a lot easier!

See How JumpRydz Can Help!