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Do you live in New York and want to make a little extra cash? Then check out JumpRydz! JumpRydz is a rideshare driving service tailored toward creating a reliable transportation option for children and seniors. With JumpRydz, users can pre-schedule rides to provide a more reliable rideshare driving experience for both riders and passengers/parents. Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to drive for JumpRydz and sign up to be a rideshare driving service driver in New York today.

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Have a Four-Door Vehicle?

First thing’s first — you’ll need a four-door vehicle. While coupes can be nice for personal use, they aren’t exactly ideal for rideshare driving situations. But, if you own a four-door vehicle that’s less than 10 years old, you’re well on your way to becoming a JumpRydz driver!

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Have a New York City TLC License?

The next thing you’ll need is a valid TLC license. For those who don’t know, a TLC license is a single license that is proof of your aptitude for driving taxis, black cars, limousines, transit vans, and other transportation vehicles. This helps to ensure the safety of our riders and our confidence in our drivers.

 Rideshare driver concept with three cars moving toward one and saving money.

Want a $500 Sign-On Bonus?

Right now, if you decide you’d like to be a rideshare driver and you make it through the process, you’ll receive a $500 sign-on bonus! This is a great incentive to help your community through quality rideshare services and to start earning income right away. Learn more and start earning right away with JumpRydz!

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Have a Great Attitude?

Most jobs require that you bring a great attitude to the workplace, but this is especially true when it comes to working with children, parents, and seniors. JumpRydz is looking for people who can bring a great attitude and effort to the table day in and day out. If you are a teacher, nanny, babysitter, or other community member that often works with children or seniors, being a rideshare driver for JumpRydz is usually a perfect fit! You can help families in your community with the added benefit of supplemental income.

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